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15-20-25mm Carbonized Bamboo Crochet Hooks

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Remember the tune?
"These HOOKS Are Made For CROCHET, And That's Just What They'll DO,
One of These Days These HOOKS Are Gonna Make Something For YOU..!"

...and will make it so fast that you can admire, wear it, or use it, already the next day. 
After all, Super big Hooks and Chunky Yarn will accelerate your project. 

Sizes:   15mm
Length: 20cm

Get a few "Somethings" going with these Thick Needles.
Think about a project for yourself, a family member or maybe a friend.
Who would not love to receive a "Hand Made by You" piece of crochet?

Whether it's a Hat, a Shawl, a Blanket, a Throw for the couch, or whatever you fancy, you'll have it finished in no time at all with these thick needles..!!!

As Nike says: "Just Do It"...and Start the Fun!!

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