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Karbonz 3.5” interchangeable sets, 16” special

  • $89.50

This Karbonz interchangeable circular set comes with 14 needles plus accessories in a handy storage case. If you’ve never knitted with Karbonz needles (or circulars!), or you’re looking to upgrade to a long-lasting, versatile set, this is a great investment. While the price of Karbonz needles may make you want to lie down and fan yourself, their carbon fiber and brass tips make them sturdy, comfortable and long-lasting. (They are darn near indestructable. We don’t advocate running over them with a car, but they did survive that. Ask us how we know.) You’ll have years of knitting ahead of you with this great set.

(If you need longer cables, those are available individually here in multiple sizes.) 

Note: Total length of 16'' is achieved when tips and cord are joined together.

Set of 7 needle pairs & accessories


Set of 14 Karbonz Interchangeable Needles (7 sizes – 2 needles in each size) packed in an attractive Black and Grey fabric case with see through vinyl